Hello World!

Posted by Tech Enthusiast on December 19, 2015

Hello there! I’ve been selected as Outreachy intern under Linux. Outreachy is a program to encourage women and other underrepresented groups to get involved in open source. Although I believe women don’t need special privileges, given the state of things with only 11% women in open source, programs like Outreachy are essential to bridge the gap!

I really thank Julia Lawall for clarifying my doubts and being ever so patient. I would also thank Vaishali, Tapasweni and the linux community in general. My mentor is Greg Kroah Hartman himself and I’m planning to get significant amount of work done with him. I’d also like to congratulate Ioana, Shivani, Cristina, Deepa and Ksenija for getting selected under Linux. Ksenija and I have been selected for the same project but we would be working on different drivers so that we don’t step on each other’s “toes” :)

Linux Kernel

Kernel is the innermost portion of the operating system which provides basic services for all other parts of the system, manages hardware ,handles interrupts from various applications and distributes the system resources. The basic flow is like this- Applications in user space -> calls library functions -> system call interface -> kernel

The Project

The drivers and filesystems present in staging directory are those which are not ready to be merged into the main Linux kernel tree. My project involves fixing these drivers to a considerable extent and merge them out of drivers/staging directory. I’ll write more about my project in a later post.

I’m excited about the internship, LinuxCon and the times to follow :)