I am a final year PhD candidate in the Programming Systems group at UC San Diego where I work with my advisor Dr. Nadia Polikarpova. My research lies at the intersection of programming languages and artificial intelligence. I did internships at Microsoft Research in the PROSE, RiSE and Calc Intelligence teams where I worked on large language models for end-user programming, and also at Google Labs in the Pitchfork team. Before PhD, I got my Masters in Computer Science from UC San Diego and Bachelors in Electronics from BITS Pilani, where I worked on fence synthesis for weak memory models.
I am on the job market for research focused industry positions and postdocs this year! Please reach out if you think I am a good fit. Check out my detailed CV here.

Research Agenda

My research is at the intersection of software engineering and machine learning and focuses on building neurosymbolic AI systems that assist programmers and end users in writing code. To that end, I develop develop systems that provide strong generalizability and correctness guarantees, require less data and produce interpretable code. Further, my research also investigates how powerful AI large language models have changed the landscape of programming through the lens of human computer interaction and how we can build more usable tools to better integrate language models in the programmer's workflow.
Research Areas: Programming Languages, Artificial Intelligence, Human Computer Interaction.


*equal contribution. A complete list including preprints and reports is available on my Google Scholar.




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